Hi! BloomRocks! Here This Is An Important Page I Advise You To Read It Before Editing Anything On This Wikia!

Requirments To Be An Administrator

I heard that many people are requesting me and some of my administrators that 'Can I Be An Admin?'. That Is not right just by saying can I be an admin? you don't become an admin here are some requirments to be an administrator:

  • To Be Strict When Needed
  • Block Users When Needed
  • Stop Users Who Are Copying The Wikia
  • Stop Users From Using Bad Words!
  • Stop Users From Vandalizing Stuff They Shouldn't Be!
  • Be Polite, And Kind If A User Needs Help
  • To Be Able To Create TalkBoxes, UserBoxes And Signatures

Requirments To Be A Chat Moderator

Not Many People Wanna Be A Chat Moderator But Still The Ones Who Wanna Be One Read This First!

  • To Block Users From Chat When Needed To
  • Stop Users From Using Bad Words In Chat
  • Stop Hacking
  • Stop Spamming

​Our Active Administrators

Luckily, We Have Got Administrators That Have All Of The Above Requirments To Be An Administrator

Ask Them If You Need Any Help :)

Farhah Dhamirah: Our Most Active Admin Please Ask Her If You Need Help In Anything :)

Scarleth: She Is Not Most Active But You Can Ask Her.

Our Rules

These Are Our Rules I Am Telling You To Strictly Obey Them Or You Will Get Blocked For A Month, Or A Year Or Forever Unless One Of Us Decides To Unblock You!

  • Don't Use Bad Words
  • Don't Upload Other Photos Only Winx Club Ones
  • Obey What An Administrator Tells You
  • Don't Vandalize Pages
  • <u>
    Don't Create A Fight With Anyone </u>
  • Be Polite And Kind To Everyone In The Wikia
  • Respect All The Other Users In The Wikia

Images Type

Some Image Types Are Not Allowed In This Wikia But Don't Worry! When You Are Uploading There Will Be A Warning To Tell You That If The File Type Is Appropriate Or Not.

TalkBox Gifs (Important)

Many People Want To Insert Gifs In Their TalkBoxes You Have To Resize Them First And Then Insert Them In Your TalkBoxes Big Gifs Like The Musa One Above Won't Work You Will Have To Have These Kind Of The One On The Side And About Resizing You Can Resize Them Here.

Spell Pages

When Creating A Spell Page Name It Like This: Spell: <Your Spell Name>. Like That We Will Know It's A Spell Pages And Add Pictures And Info About It!


Keep Those Comments Nice And Clean! Young Users Maybe Visiting The Wiki!

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