Taking place after the events of "Secret of the Lost Kingdom", The Winx Club are back at Alfea, but this time as the teachers. They learn about a new evolved fairy transformation and power called Believix, which can only be accessed when people in a non-magic world (such as Earth) start to truly believe in magic and fairies. Faragonda also teaches them that there are endless infinite stages of fairy evolution and transformation. The Winx Club also bump into the four Wizards of The Black Circle, a group of wizards who have trapped all of the fairies of Earth, and are back to get one they unknowingly left behind. The Winx girls and Specialists have to track the Wizards of the Black Circle to Gardenia, Bloom's Earth hometown, and save the last terrestrial Earth fairy, Roxy the fairy of animals, while trying to get people on Earth to believe in magic once again. Roxy believes in fairies and earns the Winx their Believix. On a trip to Roxy's past the Winx discover Nebula's White Circle, something that helps to defeat the Black Circle but it also controls Roxy. To help the people on earth believe in magic the Winx open a magical pet store with stuffed animals they used their magic on and they open the online store Love & Pets. Soon after the the Winx must earn to gifts of destiny. After freeing the fairies who turn out to want nothing but revenge Morgana and her friends will stop at nothing to wage war against all of humans. The first is sophix a gift given by the ethereal fairies used to revive nature from deforestation and calm Diana. The second gift is the give of heart lovix made from pure ice and snow it will allow the winx to fight Auroa. The queen of ice and stop her blackmail during this Bloom challenges Nebula to a fight, if Bloom wins which she does the faires will stop attacking and go home but if she loses all is lost. After the fight the black gift is given used to revive someone from death. Neblua and the wizards deterimination to fight left Nabu to dead and transformed in to a flower, this causes Aisha to seek revenge and in the final battle it reveal Roxy's mother is Morgana after they freeze the wizards in ice, Nebula now crowned as their new queen and Aisha mouner Nabu but returns to the Winx who fly off into the sunset heading back to Alfea.

Winx Belieivx

Winx Season 5 Appearance