Winx Villains:

The winx have had many villains I am listing them below with an information paragraph for each.

The Trix:

The trix

The Trix

The Trix are the winx enemies.They are the ones who hate the winx the most.They join in with many enemies to finish the winx.In season 5 they even gain a new power to finish of the winx but however.They still are hopeless.First they join with Lord Darkar.They get some shiny new bracelets which has unlimited power but,still doesn't finish off the winx.Then they joined with Baltor and gained another power.Then they joined with Tritanus and gained sirenix but season 5 still continues.

Lord Darkar:

Lord darkar is the enemy that comes after the trix he joins up with the trix he frees them from light heaven the place they were captured he gave them some new powers in which it became a bit difficult for the winx to get the trix because of their new power.
Lord Darkar

Lord Darkar

His armor is red.His eyes are like fire.And he needs power he needs all three parts of the codex to enter a powerful place at the end he does enter realix then he has bloom to activate the dark power but, sky makes it up to her by talking and saying "I Love You".Then they kill him by one attack a joined attack by the winx which is called Conversion.