About Tecna Fairy Of Technology


Voiced by Morgan Decker
Seasons 1-6
First appearance "Welcome to Magix!"
Eyes Blue-green
Hair Magenta
Symbol Diamond

She is the fairy of Technology. Tecna is extremely smart and loves technology. She is from the planet Zenith and draws her magical abilities from technological and energetic sources. Self-confident and a perfectionist, her knowledge of science makes her the "go-to" girl for creating devices to get herself and her friends out of trouble. Tecna loves to discover and master the latest video games, gadgets and computer programs. Sometimes she gets engrossed with technology, and her enthusiasm with technology can be annoying. But she is always practical and logical, sometimes to a fault. Tecna has trouble expressing her emotions and bases the majority of her decisions on pure logic, though in the second and third seasons, she gets over that and is more open and friendly toward her friends. She then becomes unselfish and nice to them and begins to truly care for them, even if she doesn't often show it. In the fifth Season, Tecna's darker version was shown as a Robot; it was because the Trix sabotaged her cellphone. Her pixie is Digit, the pixie of Nanotechnology, and her magical pet is Chicko, a duckling. She has bonded with the gatekeeper of Zenith, Lithlia. She loves science, and does a lot of experimenting in her spare time, as well as computers, video games and dolphins. She also has a photographic memory. She is Timmy's girlfriend. Her birthday is December 16. Her signature colors are purple and green. She is currently voiced by Morgan Decker in the Nickelodeon dub and Rebecca Soler in the 4Kids dub.Tecna can sometimes be a bit more logical like a machine the people who love technology like her her and timmy make a great couple together.

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