Planet of Solaria

Other than Princess Stella, the following characters are from planet of Solaria.

  • King Radius is the King of Solaria and Stella's father. He almost marries Countess Cassandra, who, with the help of Valtor, controls Radius to do whatever she says. Cassandra leaves Radius in danger of getting killed by dragons in the eighth episode of season 3. However, Stella saves him and earns her Enchantix powers.
  • Queen Luna is the Queen of Solaria and Stella's mother. She and King Radius are divorced, but later got back together, in the later episodes in Season 5.
  • Countess Cassandra and Chimera are a mother and daughter duo introduced in the third season of the series. Chimera appears in the first episode, constantly in conflict with the Winx Club as they shop in
    Solaria Palace
    preparation for Stella's princess ball on Solaria. Countess Cassandra appears in the second episode, when the Winx girls arrive on Solaria. Both of them team up with Valtor to gain control of Solaria. Cassandra and Stella's father, King Radius, are engaged to be married. Cassandra puts a spell on Radius that forces him to do everything she tells him to, even banishing his own daughter. Chimera uses her powers to turn Stella into a hideous monster. Later in the season, Chimera takes Stella's place as Princess of Solaria. In episode 19 of season three, however, Stella defeats them. They are imprisoned and Stella becomes Princess again.
  • Illiris is the gatekeeper of Solaria's ocean portal and Stella's bonded selkie.
  • Nova is an old friend of Stella. In season three, when Cassandra and Chimera are ruling and Stella is no longer princess of Solaria, Nova updates Stella with all the news of Cassandra and Chimera's rule.