Planet of MelodyEdit

Other than Musa, the following characters are from planet of Melody.

  • Galatea is a fairy with light blonde hair and is the Princess of the planet Melody. She has a cream-colored fairy outfit with darker cream-colored wings shaped like treble clefs with gold trimming. Her civilian outfit is a lilac dress and a golden crown. In episode 10 of season 3, the Trix force her to take them to Alfea's spell chamber so they can steal its spells. Icy is shown freezing and breaking Galatea's wings when she tries to escape. When Galatea tries to save the scrolls and books from a fire that Darcy starts, she is overcome by smoke. Musa sacrifices herself by not leaving Galatea and earns her Enchantix.
  • Ho-Boe is Musa's father. He used to be a musician until the death of his dearly beloved wife.
  • Matlin is Musa's deceased mother. She was a musician, opera singer and artistic performer.
  • Sonna is the gatekeeper of Melody's ocean portal and Musa's bonded selkie.