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Hi There! And Welcome To Our Administrator, Chat Moderator And RollBack Page! Here You Can Check Which Admins Job Is Which One And What Administrators Are Active!

Administrator Duty: Images, Spells, Protecting Pages

Bloom Sirenix
Bloom - Fairy of the Dragon Flame!
TALK - Fire of Sirenix!
ScarlethX Administrator Of Images, Spells And Protecting Pages
Stella Charmix

Along With Me! Images Are My Site!

Administrator Duty: All Of The Administrator Duties

This Section Means That This Admin Will Have To Attend All The Administrator Duties That We Have One Of Our Best Administrators!

Flora Sailor (FabRoxyRox's talkbox picture 1)
Laura - A helpful administrator of Winx Club Image Wiki.
TALK - Don't be afraid to ask me for help on anything!
One Of Your Best Administrator FabRoxyRox!
Bloom Charmix

Meaning Me Huh?

RollBack Duties: Protecting Pages

We Currently Have No Rollbacks If You Wanna Be One Leave A Messages On The Request Page!

Chat Moderator Duties: To Take Control Over Winx Wikia Live Chat

Flora - Huh? What?
TALK - Can You Explain That, Please?
Floranature Your Chat Moderator